Friday, 20 March 2009


Recently a member was, by chance, changing trains at Hyndland station when he noticed one of the Network Rail Class 31s (like the one in the picture, which was taken from the web. For those who know, that's obviously not Hyndland) with one of the Civil Engineer's test trains stopped in the loop, which then headed off towards Partick, being driven from the driving van in the front carriage. A most unusual visitor to our rather boring suburban railway scene. 

Model Rail

Belated news that the members visited Model Rail Scotland 2009 in the middle of February. The SECC was positively crawling with priests - at least six (that's six times the Diocese of Moosonee in Canada's diocesan priests!) of us were there looking at a wonderful selection of model railway layouts. The ingenuity and technical abilities of those involved always surprise and delight the audience, how can they re-create in miniature such realistic panoramas? One comes away inspired to take up railway modelling once more, unfortunately then one sees the prices on the models. They've got a bit dearer than they were when we went to seminary! It seems that even a moderate layout would cost nigh on £1000 and could get much much dearer. Unfortunately we just can't afford it.  

Friday, 6 March 2009

Clydebank, Cumbernauld and the Campsies Railway Company Limited

The Company apologises for delays to the updating of this blog. This is due to snow on the line and equipment failure. Normal services should be resumed shortly.


(ps. There is no truth to the claim that certain members of the Company are opposed to the the whole concept of "updating")