Thursday, 21 May 2009

Class 380

By chance a member happened to be in Glasgow recently when he saw a sign on a public information screen advertising a mock-up of the new class 380 being displayed at Glasgow Central. By rushing over he was able to visit it and view the new generation of Scottish electrics. Apparently, it doens't look much different from the previous generation. Ho hum. 


Recently professional business took a member to Aviemore for a Conference. The Circle had of course visited Aviemore not that long ago to visit the Strathspey Railway and during this Conference there was the opportunity to visit that Railway again. I declined this opportunity though and instead visited the Cairngorms Mountain Railway. This is a funicular railway up a mountainside. It is a tourist attraction, there is no real purpose other than visiting. It leads to a visitor centre from which one gets a (very windy) view over the mountain but one cannot actually exit the visitor centre, so as to protect the environment from humans (if only we could so easily protect humans, especially unborn ones, from humans!). Whilst in Aviemore we also had the chanec to see various Class 170s going through with passenger services as well as the occasional diesel hauled freight.