Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Papal Visit

The BBC and the press are reporting that our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will visit the United Kingdom next year. The itinerary is still to be arranged but it seems likely to be London, Oxford, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. I wonder if His Excellency Francis Campbell the British Ambassador to the Holy See could be persuaded to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to give her fellow octogenarian Monarch (and I suppose they both profess to be Heads of Churches*) a loan of the Royal Train - what better way to see the UK than by train? We could gather at all the stations and level crossings for his blessing.

* I only state this with ecumenical sensitivity - no Catholic would actually say that the Queen is head of a church [its not a church and the Queen, not being a bishop, couldn't be head of it if it were] and presumably Anglicans would deny that the Pope is head of a church, at least within the Queen's realm [at least that's what the Act of Supremacy affirms]


berenike said...

Hello! Can I put a link to this blog on ours? Would you mind?

PG said...

Hi Berenike, link away! I am afraid that updating can be sporadic but visitors are very welcome.