Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament has a system whereby anybody can launch a petition and the MSPs will look at it and talk about it (although there's not much evidence that they've ever actually done something about it) and as priests we are very interested in this because there are always petitions to try and encourage things the Church is opposed to (gay marriage, abolish Catholic schools, etc.) or, less frequently, petitions to support goods things the Church supports (save St Margaret's Hospice, for instance). Whilst searching through all these bad & good things one also comes across railway related petitions, hence why it gets a mention on here.

One of the live petitions at the moment is calling for the re-opening of Blackford railway station, near Gleneagles. I know that one of our members has a great interest in this area - I hope that he has signed up for the petition.

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