Monday, 14 September 2009

Summer Break: Trivia?

We've been busy over the summer (trainspotting naturally) and so haven't had time to keep the blog up to date.

It takes so long to prepare and fire up the steam engine for the blog - I must consider moving to a more modern diesel or electric one.

To pass the time until the next update (soon hopefully) how about some trivia. Clergymen may well be famous for their interest in trains but some other famous people like trainspotting as well. We all know how much Pete Waterman likes trains (remember he was the producer that brought us Kylie & the Locomotion), but did you know that the composer Dvorak (the one from those Hovis adverts) was a trainspotter as well? On the BBC they provide this quote "I'd give all my symphonies if I could have invented the locomotive!" Now that is a man after my own heart - anyone can be a good musician and composer (look how many of them there have been), but only a genius could invent trains.

PS. I know that some members of the circle will be a trifle upset about linking Dvorak with Hovis so how about calling it the 2nd Movement from his Ninth Symphony instead.

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