Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Menchy

As we say where I come from "we got a menchy"* on another blog. At this rate we'll soon be famous.

Hello to anyone visiting from laodicea! I notice that their website address is ex Laodicea. Whilst they may claim some Latin root for this, it is well known that the Romans derived the word "ex" from the common usage of railway photographers who often caption their photos of the 8.15pm from Glasgow to Stirling as "2015 to Stirling ex Glasgow" - for years I would read this and think that it meant that the train had used to go to Glasgow but had changed it mind and decided to go to Stirling instead!

I notice that the bloggers over there caption us as "frivolity" and "levity" - we are entirely serious, trains are too serious to joke about!

PS. the esoteric patristic references are an uncommon problem - a bit like snow on the line, but caused by people spending too much time with Fr Fortescue's Lesser Eastern Churches.

PPS. I know that many people claim that you cannot spend too much time with Fr Fortescue's works. We are not entering into that argument here.

* In case this derivation is unclear to those not from the West of Scotland, its an affectionate contraction of 'mention'.


1428, 2 said...

Indeed one could never spent enough time on patristic matters, whether in Fr. Fortescue's books or otherwise!

1457, 2 said...

I thought this was a train blog - discuss patristics elsewhere! Unless, of course, you can find a reference to trains in St Basil.