Friday, 2 October 2009

Metropolitana Romana

J.P. Sonnen on Orbis Catholicus blog provides an image of an old metro carriage at Anagnina, terminus of Metro A of the Roman Metropolitan. This is a common sight for many as Anagnina is the station for Ciampino airport and for heading out to the Castelli (Tivoli, Frascati, Grottaferrata, etc.) on the Cotral Buses, although it should be noted that mainline trains run out to Frascati, Viterbo, etc. as part of Rome's FR regional railway system.

[Once upon a time one could travel through the Castelli on the trams of STEFER however the late 50s and 60s saw the end of the extra urban tram routes outside Rome. They don't look too comfortable in the photos on the above website but Cotral buses aren't too great either. It also used to be possible to take a tram/train out to Alatri and Fiuggi on a line that also passed through parts of the Castelli - once again 'development' saw that line fall out of use, although you can still see the track by the side of the road if you drive out of Rome towards Frosinone, as if a train could pass by at any moment. I remember driving out that way for a day-trip from the College. It was a really awful day at the beginning - rain was pouring down and puddles were almost a foot deep in places. However as we left Rome it got better and there alongside the road we could see the tracks alongside the road - it was really eerie, as if the railway had just stopped one night and never started again, which is basically what happened if you read the Italian site above. It was a ghost railway].

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