Monday, 2 November 2009

Football Fan set on fire whilst dressed as a sheep on a train

This story on the BBC is certainly unusual. Its tragic, horrific, strange, and surreal all at the same time. Hopefully the victim will be okay and the perpetrator will be punished.

What interested me though was not so much the odd story but the image used by the BBC to illustrate it. They story is about an Arriva Cross Country train, which from the story appears to be the 0925 from Plymouth to Aberdeen (an 11 hour journey). Now the BBC photo might be accurate, but if so, I'd probably be ready to set someone on fire if I'd had to travel from Plymouth to Aberdeen on (what looks suspiciously like) an Arriva Trains Wales 156 rather than the more normal Voyager 220!

ps. Okay, maybe the BBC are right and this was a 156 for operational reasons, etc. This is a possibility. I think it more likely though that they just took the first photo they could of anything with "Arriva" on the side.
pps. Anyone not familiar with Scottish football shouldn't even think about why he was dressed as a sheep.

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