Sunday, 31 January 2010

Model Rail Scotland

Its that time of year again. Get excited, because Model Rail is coming to town! The 26th to 28th February at the SECC, Glasgow, must be in your diaries (although if you live too far away we'll give you a dispensation, if you ask nicely on the correct forms). This is the highlight of the Scottish model railway year. You just can't miss it. Its too much fun, even during Lent.

Talking of diaries, one of the parishioners gave me a railway calendar and matching diary after the Vigil Mass last night. Its nice to be remembered by parishioners.

[Update: Please note that this is not a cheap attempt to solicit donations. All of the members have all the stuff they need!]


Eric said...

Are you trying to get us to send you railway memorabilia?

PG said...

No. See "update". We are not mendicants.

Anonymous said...

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