Monday, 29 March 2010


I noticed on the BBC recently that the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) have opened the section of line from Birkill to Manuel to passenger transport. The line was previously only used for accessing the Network Rail lines. This means that the line is now 1.5 miles longer. There is no station yet at Manuel so passengers cannot embark or disembark. 

Congratulations on the good work done and best wishes for the future. I look forwards to being able to visit and travel on the new line.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


As I said we have been welcoming many new visitors after Fr Z linked to us and a couple have even been in touch to comment and wish us well. Thanks. 

One of them is a seminarian from down south, so pray for him, the other an author wanting to mention our report on the Vatican railway station in an article he is writing. Wow - fame!*

That author commented on how he  was old enough to remember when the LMS was the London Midland and Scottish railway company rather than the Latin Mass Society

Again, welcome to everyone.

*Sadly not "Wow - royalties!"

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Welcome Onboard

Our quiet little branchline of a blog has recently welcomed an awful lot of visitors from all over the world thanks to a link erected by Fr Z (in the article mentioned a couple of posts down).

Hello! to all our new visitors. We hope you enjoy coming here. Its not much to see, certainly compared to Fr Z, but we like it here and hope you do to. Please feel free to look around or leave comments.

Monday, 8 March 2010

La Freccia

La Freccia is the magazine of FS - Ferrovie dello Stato, the Italian State Railways. I picked up the February edition on a recent trip to Italy and it contains an interesting article on "I Treni dei Papi" - the trains of the popes. The articles begins by stating that, even though at the beginning trains were seen as infernal machines, the Popes soon learnt to familiarise themselves with trains, stations and railways.

The occasion for the article was a visit made by Pope Benedict to a hostel at Termini railway station in Rome but it includes an interesting history of the relationship between popes and trains. and historical photographs of John XXIII travelling in the Italian Presidential Train and Paul VI in a hard-hat (and cassock, rochet and fur-trimmed mozzetta!) on a visit to the construction site for the Rome-Florence Diretissima line [picture above from an ebay postcard].

Pope Benedict didn't actually travel to Termini by train by the railway provides financial support to the hostel and, on the journey on which this magazine was obtained, there were volunteer railway staff going through the carriages collecting money to present to the hostel in honour of the papal visit. In return they were giving out small chocolates sponsored by various other companies. Not too bad a deal.

We are not alone!

It turns out that its not only Scottish priests who are interested in railways.

Even the famous Fr Z pines for the chance to ride on a steam railway!

Maybe we should invite him to become an honorary member of the Scottish Clergy Railway Circle?